Fitting Guide & Product Care


It’s very important that you size your suit correctly. Fit and comfort level are the two most important factors when choosing competitive swimwear. Due to the length of time in your swimsuit as well as the amount of strenuous body motion in the suit, it is essential that you acquire a good, comfortable fit. Your racing or team suit should fit snug with no visible wrinkles. A properly fit suit will last longer and creates less drag making you faster in the water. Since every swimmer body is unique, we strongly suggest that each swimmer tries on a suit to get the proper fit for their body.

Sizing Chart


Do NOT machine wash your suit. Rinse your suit in clear, cold, fresh water after each use in order to remove chlorine and perspiration. Forget the heat! Never put your suit in the dryer. Heat causes shrinkage and fades colors. Hang your suit to dry.


Chlorine will eventually take its toll on your suit. When you suit begins to feel looser than when it was new and begins to bag, you should consider a new suit. Polyester suits have a longer life span and should be your first choice for practice.


Always rinse your goggles in cold water and remove chlorine or salt and allow them to dry in a warm area. Do not store or leave out in direct sunlight. Try not to wipe out the inside of the lenses to avoid scratching.


Sometimes it’s easier to put on a latex or silicone swim cap when your hair is wet. If you take care of your cap, it will be easier to put it on. Rinse and dry your cap after each use. If you sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder inside the cap, it will keep it from sticking together. Caps can easily be ripped or torn so trim fingernails and remove hair clips from your hair before putting on your cap. Please note: Swim caps torn by fingernails or hair clips are NON-Refundable/ NON-Exchangeable.


Washing: Parkas should be washed on Gentle Cycle only in cold water. Hot or warm water can cause bleeding of the fabrics and inks. Wash separately and use only mild soap WITHOUT bleach or color-safe bleach. DO NOT use fabric softeners. Parkas should not be soaked.

Drying: Remove parka promptly from washer and dry immediately on low setting. Parkas should never be dry-cleaned or ironed.